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The APWG Public Education Initiative (PEI) identifies and organizes the most broadly useful counter-ecrime educational programs possible along the lines of a public health initiative model. Some of its programs proffer operational, free-to-use solutions [see Fax Back Program and Phishing Education Landing Page programs below] that manage data logistics to deliver specific instructions to the largest victim cohort possible. Some projects, meanwhile, develop content to help government and industry guide consumers and enteprise users in safe computing practice [see Messaging Convention and Counter Muling projects below].

In its inaugural program, the APWG and Carnegie Mellon CyLab's Supporting Trust Decisions Project launched the Phishing Education Landing Page Program in August, 2008. That program redirect consumers and enterprise users who've clicked on links in phishing campaigns to instructional materials that explains that they have just fallen for a phishing communication (email or otherwise) and advises them on how they help themselves avoid being victimized in the future. It will respond in one of 20 languages with these advisories - with more in translation today.

The APWG's Fax Back Phishing Education Program instructs consumers about protecting themselves against offline phishing scams almost as soon as they fallen for one. APWG hosts educational cover sheets that ISPs and FoIP hosting providers can use to automatically fax back warnings to customers who've sent information to fax numbers that were taken out of criminal control.

The The APWG/NCSA's Stop. Think. Connect. Messaging Convention brought together an unprescedented public/private partnership of dozens of international companies and goverment agencies to craft essential online safety and security messaging instruments that can be used as foundational advice by all businesses, government agencies and NGO's advising consumers about staying safe and secure online. Initially proposed as a working project of the APWG and NCSA in early 2009, the Messaging Convention completed its intial project in 14 months and officially launched its Stop. Think. Connect. awareness slogan and logo in October 2010.

APWG is working on additional educational programs at this time. If you have some suggestions to offer or an interest in participating in them, please contact:


Faurence the Owl

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